What you can look for and what I will help you with.
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Forensic science

I help the criminals in some familiar and intricate cases.

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Treatment of diseases

Helping to treat various diseases, we are in a team with the famous healer Hristo Hristov.

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Life Issues

I help solve life problems, street dramas and find lost items.

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Treatment without diagnosis

I help treat illnesses that traditional medicine does not help or have no clear diagnosis.

About me

A brief description of me and my abilities.
Grandmother Vanga's legacy.

I was born in Shumen, lived in Varna, worked in Athens and for 9 years in Sofia. Otherwise, I'm from the Arab ethnicity. My name is "Door to Paradise". My father is National Wrestling Champion Mehmed Pehlivanov, 12 years old unbeaten wrestler of Bulgaria, a favorite of Todor Zhivkov and author of the unforgettable sign "The Runna makes the fight". My grandfather, Hussein came from Palestine, he was a healer.

From the age of 6, I began to "see" and find missing animals, objects, people. The services have been used by police to detect serious crimes. I worked on the case with the Belneys, Guninski nurses, the Libyan nurses. People from the underworld have been looking for me too. I am helping against illnesses, lessons and bad luck with Arabic defense.

The principles I lead

A black person can not have a white soul, neither a small man - a big soul nor a ugly - beautiful! Better not eat, just what it is, better not drink, just what it is, better alone than anyone!

There is no cure for the soul!


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