Fidesz: I help people with Arab protection from three saints!

A human being with a rough face and red eyes suddenly emerged from the darkness, stared at me and grunted, “You will inherit the gift of a great clairvoyant.” Then he disappeared. She appeared again in 13 years as a little old man with a long, snow-white beard. The time was 23, I remember it quite clearly. A cute and dear old lady, stupid. I was not afraid, but only a great surprise. The next evening the grandfather appeared again, as if he were a member of our family. And then she whispered, “Go on, you’re strong,” says the famous clairvoyant Fidesz Mehmed Hussein.

These words of the adult being, resembling homosapiens, are enough to unleash her gift.

After experiencing a terrible neurosis that lasted for three years, Fidesz reached for the coffee cup. She only looked at loved ones, mostly lost things, missing pets, even the stolen hen of people from Varna. Then she went on love affairs, separation, restoration of karmic relationships, marriages and divorces.

Rumen Guninski with his son
Over time, she has developed her talent mainly in the field of forensics. She is delighted to cooperate with law enforcement and is endlessly pleased with the fact that she has helped the Pravetz businessman Rumen Guninski to find her son – also Rumen, who was kidnapped by the criminal band of the Naglite.

Fides is categorical that Bulgaria was particularly fatal in 1997. Then our country was in a black hole, which prevented many extras from making the right predictions and helping politicians to get out of the crisis. The most tormented by malice, jealousy and magic at that time was the blue leader Ivan Kostov. He has seized many of the deceivers who did not spare him or Peter Stoyanov.

Ivan Kostov
“The last thing I did these days was to help a girl from Ezerovo. It’s called Feckrie. Call her aunt and ask for help. The woman is a doctor by profession, but she has realized the hopelessness of the situation that has decided to look for me. The 23-year-old girl was crushed after a catastrophe and lying in a coma for 45 days. She had no chance of surviving, waiting for her to die. I promised to lift her up for three days. And I did it. She is alive and healthy at the moment. I have helped her with the Arabic protections I make with the help of three saints. I want to emphasize that they are people of flesh and blood. One is even 109 years old. Of them, I have learned a lot of things for which I truly bless them. The young woman from Ezerovo made a ritual called “The Heart of the Qur’an”. Of course, the higher heavenly forces helped me, without them I could do nothing, “says Fideses, satisfied with the work done.

Petar Stoyanov
She says she has recently returned from Greece, where she was the guest of the local star among the wizards – the famous Katerini. Her son, Ioannis, had a relationship with a girl who was not suitable for him. The phenomenon of our southern neighbor had to seek help from his colleagues in Egypt, Romania and Bulgaria – so black and evil was his magic. In this case, she applied the master of thought, the form and the candidate, the bride, herself, and she left the rich house of Katerini.

For 6-7 years, Fidesz learned how to handle magic and how to achieve his desires by visualizing people’s dreams. As she cultivated herself, she managed to discover her spirit that roamed through different parts of planet Earth.

Sergey Stanishev and Monika Yosifova
That really bothered her because she had seen her lunch in Varna and at the same time she was on a beach in Dubai. The phenomenon was well known to most modern wizards who believed in the deaths of the soul and the flesh of the human body. Despite the fate that she gives her – to travel all over the world, she prefers to stay in Bulgaria because our country is extremely beautiful and the political and economic upheavals will soon be over – in 2015.

“In 2013, the problems will come from the former Triple Coalition, which will not be able to defeat Boyko Borisov’s government. The truth is that the people love it because it speaks in human language, does not use complicated, incomprehensible sentences. 2012 was the most critical of him, now he is more relaxed. I like him both as a man and as a man. But politics is not my strong side. Still, I see firing at a politician in late February or early March and a new shooting in June. Yes, there will be blood … But how can I tell you, I respect all politicians. I have not seen either good or bad of them. I have never gone to vote. But a lot of people came from the BSP, questioning things. Everyone knows how I helped Emilia Maslarova. She is also a good woman, but she has a cruel problem, “the famous clairvoyant returns the tape of memories.