The killed Belneans had witnessed a crime

Two people killed the sisters Rosica and Hristina Belneiski. Lazar Kolev had an accomplice, but he would not betray him because he himself would not be alive. The girls are killed because they have accidentally witnessed another crime. The name of the second physical assassin will become known to criminals by a year and a half. The prediction tells a Maritz newspaper team a clairvoyant Fidesz.
She first directed Lazar Kolev in the investigation, after more than a year after the murder of the Belneys sisters, the case remains unrevealed. He says Lazar directly. Lazar is known to me because he is the tartor but there is also a second person, the Shoumen prophetess is categorical. She is convinced that the greatest power is to reveal specific facts and names. That’s why the criminals themselves are looking for help.

She is the granddaughter of a Palestinian scholar and daughter of national wrestling champion Mehmed Pehlivanov. He has been living and working for many years in Athens. When returning to Bulgaria, he settled in Sofia. He says he often travels to Plovdiv, which is his favorite city. Services are often used by police when it comes to intricate cases. People are searching for it from the underworld. Before he died, Vanga predicted that he was succeeded by a girl from Shumen but is still small.

Fidesz has worked on some of the major crimes in the recent history of Bulgaria. The private detective Marin Marinov is looking for the services when Roumen Guninski is kidnapped from Student’s town. Fideses helps to find out. In 1996, she found the assassin student Galya. The mother goes to France for three days, and when she returns she finds her dead daughter and her German shepherd in their home. Fiedes directly names the name of the killer – Artem, a Macedonian. Later it turns out she hit the tenth. By the help of the extras, Lara’s relatives leaned in when the girl was kidnapped and was gone for more than 40 days. Fidesz says directly that the child is alive and healthy, looks very well, returns to his mother on the 43rd day, and the kidnapping is organized by the father to avenge the grandmother and the mother. She has also helped Fickrie from Varna, which after a severe catastrophe has been written in a coma and the doctors have written it off.

Fideses is convinced that she has inherited her gift from her grandfather, a scholar and a clairvoyant. Even when she is 7, she starts to find out to whom the calf will die, to whom the hen. At 11, he is already a celebrated clairvoyant. She confesses the wisdom of her gift: He can not have a black man to have a white soul, a small man can not have a great soul or a ugly good soul. He says he works with three Arab saints who help. Among the patients there are hundreds VIP VIPs. She says she has helped ministers, deputies, many of the underworld. Among them are Ivo Karamansky, Margini, who sent other people to her so they do not park their shiny vehicles in front of the house and attract attention.

Fidesz is a Muslim, but does not share people by faith, and 90 percent of those they help are Christians. Among them, doctors are the most. Observations show that the percentage of believers among them is the highest. He can not explain whether this is because every day in his profession they are experiencing death. Most often they are looking for people with severe health problems, but there are those whose cars are gone. It’s not easy when a black mother comes in front of me and says, “Who killed my child?” But I have to tell her what I see, Fidesz reveals.

Now the biggest dream is to build a church. He does not know whether he will be near the favorite city of Plovdiv, where he comes very often. Still waiting to be told the exact place, but he already knows that the temple will be named after St. Demetrius.